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Three Will Grow Back (ft. Wayne Kramer, Chris Conde, E-Turn) [Official Video]
Name Sayers

Three Will Grow Back (ft. Wayne Kramer, Chris Conde, E-Turn) [Official Video]

Support "Joyboys In The Grindhouse" on Bandcamp: Devin James Fry // vocals, synthesizer Grant Himmler // bass, synthesizers, programming Garrett Hellman // guitar Marc Henry // drums and percussion Chris Conde // guest vocals E-Turn // guest vocals Wayne Kramer // guest lead guitar +++++ THREE WILL GROW BACK // If they took my head, I know three would grow back / If they took my head, three would grow back [Chris Conde:] I'm tired but I'm not gonna stop fighting / Got the rhythm underneath me to keep writing / Fatigue wants me to sleep but you see I am / In the middle of a storm thunder lightning / Rain pouring down all around us / Motherfucker you will never ever drown us / Or drown out our sound never doubt us / Won't stop til King Greed is crownless / Been at war for a long time / Blood shed from the bodies on the front line / But we repeat by three when we die / You'll see defeat retreat and comply / Your world is not yours anymore / As if it was in the first place / We're taking back all the land settling the scores / And make you pay in the worst ways [DJF:] If they get my head, I know three will grow back / I keep baking bread and planting roses / Real power's built by teaching enemies to know that / If they take my head, three will grow back [E-Turn:] Took in the habit, of hook and laddering / A good book out of a crooked labyrinth / I look mad, huh? Maybe cause I saw what all they took from Mahsa / Laugh it off, part of the path is having to wait / With the weight of a wave in the way all day / They scored an already-called game / Me, couldn't be more ready for the flame / Y'all caught up in hard luck, brought up as a martyr to Marduk / Offered the author of the plot of your own slaughter / All the product of your own thoughts / Be your own boss, meet me at the crossroads / We going off screen north of the Dark Kingdom / It'll start stinging when the shark's singing / With us and what they thought was an ark's sinking / From the weight of their own half- truths / It ain't like we don't have proof / And there ain't enough time to shift the consciousness / This time it ticks down to boom / Recipe's old, we're losing faith / In the news and the medicine they're choosing to make / Who does it benefit / You're losing momentum / The truth is slipping, getting looser by the day [DJF:] (For every body lowered down / More fire going round) And if they get my head, I know three will grow back / I keep baking bread and planting roses / It takes more than guns to kill a man, Joe Hill can show that! / If they took my head, three would grow back +++++ Future historians will gaze in disbelief at the immoral and dehumanizing American carceral system. We believe in abolishing the commodification of bodies and destruction of minds that calls itself Corrections. We would like to recognize Brother Wayne Kramer of Detroit's MC5 for lighting a candle in that darkness. We've known and loved Wayne since 2011, when we threw a benefit in Austin for his organization Jail Guitar Doors, which provides instruments to those using music as a means of rehabilitation while incarcerated. . “Three Will Grow Back” features Brother Wayne on lead guitar alongside two rappers we feel enormously lucky to count as friends as well as heroes: Chris Conde and E-Turn. Brother Wayne's willingness to contribute to the song while it was still a very rough-sounding bedroom demo was the catalyst which brought the project to life, and is a testament to his unflinching musical courage and capacity for belief in people. Three Will Grow Back” wouldn't have become what it is without Wayne. The song is an intuitively psychedelic take on the sense of resiliency which can result from sustained political resistance — a reimagining of Swedish-American socialist activist and songwriter Joe Hill's famous words, “it takes more than guns to kill a man.” In our version, this idea becomes: if you take my head, three will grow back. You come for us, we only grow stronger and multiply. And we dedicate “Three Will Grow Back” now and forever to brother Wayne. +++++ Recorded by Grant Eppley, Name Sayers, and Devin James Fry at Hen House Recording in Austin, Texas and at Fry's home studio in Denver, CO with contributions from Wayne Kramer, Chris Conde, and E-Turn recorded at their respective home studios. Produced by Grant Eppley and Name Sayers and mixed by Grant Eppley. Copyright 2023, Name Sayers LLC.
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