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About Name Sayers

Austin, Texas-based psych rock and pop band Name Sayers wraps tight, darkly offbeat arrangements around unlikely hooks. Devin James Fry sings, Grant Himmler on bass and synthesizers, Marc Henry at the kit, and Garrett Hellman on guitar.

Press for 'Joyboys In The Grindhouse' (released July 28, 2023)

"Name Sayers burn bright on the cutting edge of pop music’s possibilities without ever plunging into disconnected self-indulgence ... It’s a must-hear for anyone interested in modern music near its apex." IndiePulse Music (California, US) album review 


"With this new album Name Sayers have pushed the envelope and it’s proven a success ... it's about time the world took note." York Calling (UK) album review 

"Name Sayers’ Joyboys in the Grindhouse stands up against anything from major labels, indie or mainstream, and promises even greater triumphs to come.NeuFutur (Ohio, US) album review 


"In lesser hands, it would sound like a band trying too hard, doing too much. Name Sayers, however, brings a rigorous focus to these songs that’s almost claustrophobic and never repeats itself." NeuFutur (Ohio, US) album review 


 "You don’t often hear hooks like they serve up ... There isn’t a miss among the eleven cuts. Name Sayers put their best artistic foot forward with Joyboys in the Grindhouse and carve out a space in the indie music landscape that no one else occupies. It’s well worth your time to seek this one out." IndieShark (Washington State, US) Album review


 “Joyboys In The Grindhouse” captures the essence of modern musical experimentation and delivers a thrilling auditory experience. The album’s ability to blend genres, seamlessly host a diverse array of guest artists, and explore complex themes with lyrical depth showcases Name Sayers’ prowess as innovative creators." The Pentatonic (UK) album review


"Rippling and flowing like oil across a slab of concrete ... Joyboys In The Grindhouse pulsates with ferocious, mysterious power." V13 (Canada) album review 


"One of the most impressive albums I have heard this year." Banger of the Day (US) album review 


"Hypnotizes our senses with a surreal atmosphere." Roadie Music (Mexico) album review 


"I never imagined they could create something more powerful than their debut album "Mantles" in 2018, but after 5 years, Name Sayers proves me wrong." Indie Boulevard (Spain) album review 


"Captivated me from the first listen. Joyboys in the Grindhouse gives lie to the popular misconception that pop music, even the offbeat variety, is incapable of making a substantive artistic statement." Vents Magazine (Dominican Republic) album review 

"They sound inexhaustible and like they’re just starting to scratch the surface of what they can do." Vents Magazine (Dominican Republic) album review 

"This powerhouse vocal performance is beautifully complemented by sharp and acerbic rapping that adds depth and dynamism to the track, engaging the audience throughout the song. The lyrics themselves carry a message of resilience and empowerment, driving home these beats and rooting their seeds in our heads and hearts." Illustrate Magazine (New York) single review 


"Great darkwave work ... piercing avant-garde minimalism." Indie Dock Music Blog (UK) single review 


"This song is a hallmark of fearlessness in pushing musical boundaries and will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression." Sinusoidal Music (India) single review 


"You can literally feel the track's hot breath over your shoulder ... blossoming from seeds of gothic rock or an eerie dream in a horror movie." American Pancake (US) single review 


"Refreshing and captivating ... a well-crafted pop song that is sure to appeal to fans of dark and suspenseful music. I highly recommend checking it out." Music Arena GH (UK) single review 


"Name Sayers' willingness to step away from conventional boundaries is evident as they craft a sonic landscape that feels fresh and captivating ... you know you're in for something extraordinary." Edgar Allen Poets (LA, US) single review 


"a strong demonstration of their oft shadowy style ... a nightmarish glow-in-the-dark neon trip." Music Mecca (Nashville, US) single review 


“Lioness” is quite a standout among all of the songs we’ve reviewed recently." Necessary Outlet (US) single review 


"An essay in music form on how to write the perfect pop track." Essentially Pop single review 


"A crisp beat that draws inspiration from boom-bap hip hop." Surviving The Golden Age single review 



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