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Name Sayers is currently finishing a new record.


"I was writing these brutal little pop songs," says front man Devin James Fry. "One by one, we bit into them as a band. A new sense of openness at our sessions comes across on the record. We're celebrating and defending each others' originality, and it seems to be working out."

Joyboys In The Grindhouse is being mixed by Austin producer Grant Eppley, and will be completed in fall 2022.

For now, here's a trove of previously released music and videos from the Name Sayers vault.

Name Sayers videos
"Gravedancer" Official Video
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Name Sayers - Heron King
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Makin' That Chloroform
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Name Sayers - I Used To Curse In Battle
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Where Devin James Fry's sprawling former outfit Salesman offered snapshots of a gently psychedelic Americana that seemed to blur at the edges, Name Sayers snaps into focus, wrapping tight, darkly offbeat pop arrangements around unlikely hooks. Fry plays coryphée to this troupe of gravedancers. Grant Himmler on bass and synthesizers, Marc Henry at the kit, and Garrett Hellman on guitar.

"Like Leonard Cohen on a DMT trip" - The Austin Chronicle